Postal // Office Jerk - Split

by Postal

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released December 12, 2012

2012 Postal. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mitta Norath @ Tommirock Studios.

Artwork by Rohan Harrison.



all rights reserved


Postal Newcastle, Australia


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Track Name: Postal
Every day taunting me
Sat alone, did as I was told
Not out to make enemies
Always obliged, never bold
This frustrations building up
Poking at me one by one
Soon you'll see just what you've done
My justice served with a loaded gun

I just couldn't take it anymore...

Finally snapping
Breaking down
Track Name: Standards
Television screens
Music industry
The media has everyone brainwashed.
They tell you what to wear, how to look, what to eat, where to go, how to live your life to the fucking "standards"

And if you don't meet their standards what else can you do?
You're just another misfit, the world don't care for you
Forced to fit a mould you're never going to break
Swallowed by corporations that preferred you to be fake

Fuck their shallow standards and what their pushing for
If it wasn't for the sheep, these corporations would be no more
It's all about a profit and isn't it funny
They'll befriend you as long as you make them some money

Sell your soul, for a dollar in someone else's pocket...
Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors

The shell of a man goes to waste
A broken mirror reflects my fate
Shattered dreams and built up hate
Deliver me now before it's too late

Track Name: Going Nowhere
If I never got old then I'd never want to die
Ten more years in this body and I could fucking cry
I've spent years in this maze, thinking only of the grass
That will grow on my grave if I was just to pass

I never get anywhere
I never get anywhere

I can see this never working out for me
Track Name: Losing All Will (The End)
You turned away
But I'm the one not looking back
You made, you made
Your bed and now it's time to lay

This has gone on for far too long
You're fucking dead to me

And I won't pretend cuz you're not my fucking friend
This is the end