Demo 2012

by Postal

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released April 11, 2012

Recorded and mastered by Mitta Norath @ Tommirock Studios Newcastle, in April 2012.



all rights reserved


Postal Newcastle, Australia


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Track Name: Bent To Break
don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge

everything's wrong
Ive lost my head
no recollection of whats been said
staring blank
left for dead
a face full of fucking regret

bent to break
pushed to fall
run to escape
losing it all
Track Name: Defeated City
loveless mothers track-mark covered
infected babies to phantom fathers

if this city swallows me whole
I'll die with the scum breeding out of control

the violent streets yield prostitutes
while the dead lie in car boots
the virus that spreads is getting faster
no knight could save this great disaster

buildings crumble
in this concrete jungle
and this defeated city lays merely as rubble

broken homes
misspent paychecks
wasted lives
jaded faces
Track Name: Demons
at the right ways Ive made wrong turns
Ive crossed my bridges and watched them burn
had life lessons but never learned
I'm not perfect, and I'll never be

played my cards til Ive gone bust
confused true love and selfish lust
still so young but I have some rust
I'm not perfect, and I'll never be

I'm fucked up but I'm breaking free
controlling the demons deep inside of me
Track Name: Inverted
what the fuck will you do when your faith fails you?

kneeling down, heads bowed
feeding out of their hands now
eternal happiness at the expense of your soul
i cant bring myself to believe
the hypocrisy of this disease
an out-dated lie spread out of control

telling lies to put your mind
at ease so just close your eyes
and follow the shepherd all in order
like a lamb led to the slaughter

its just another boundary that separates
brainwashed community's full of hate
your inverted morals don't follow your book
judgement passed through only a look

and follow them to break the bread
you're just another victim of the walking dead

raping your trust, it's all in vain
exploiting the world all in his name
Track Name: Your Demise
a coward a liar a cheat and a thief
the blueprint of everything i don't want to be
nothing you could do would make things right
nothing would satisfy me more then your demise

someone mentioned your name today and i literally vomited in my mouth
I hate you so much, I could never let this down

Track Name: Cement Feet
you're a fucking snake
you're a fucking liar
turned your back and now we see
your true character

poison drips from your mouth into the open sea
you're sinking with your conscience, cement around your feet
and with your final breath i want to hear you cry
four simple words, "I deserve to die"

you sink to the ocean floor and become nothing more than a memory
Track Name: Cutthroat
always walking but never knowing where to go
always walking but never know where i'll end up

where did the years go?
they suddenly took my face away
now i watch them slowly slip away...

always walking but never knowing where to go
always walking but never know where i'll end up
Track Name: Skulls
resorted to pouring acid onto my skull and into my brain
burning through, erasing you from my fucking memory

soon I'll forget all the things once said
bowing my head in shame
pouring acid onto my skull
and into my brain

burning through, erasing you from my fucking memory
Track Name: Swallowed
beating my face against a wall
a punishment that i deserve
Ive abandoned my friends too many times
when they mean the world

I fuck up again and they're still there
showing they care and lending an ear
over and over and over and over again
now I'm scratching my eyes and pulling my hair
stressing my brain and living in fear
that Ive pushed them too close to the edge

I will die alone and its all my fucking fault
my ego has swallowed me whole
Track Name: Guilty Conscience
the filth seeped in through the cracks and let loose in my lair
taking everything of value, then vanishing as if never there

i hope you feel rotten
i hope you die in your sleep and your body is forgotten

i hope it eats away
i hope your guilt fucking kills you