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released September 1, 2014

All music written by Postal. Recorded and mixed by Michael Shepherd. Mastered by Josh Sullivan. Illustrations and layout by Marcus Dixon.




Postal Newcastle, Australia


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Track Name: Rot Together
We can still die young, get a hole together in the graveyard, never apart. We can rot together. I can see you, but you're fading. There's obstacles in my way, every step of the way. Legs shaking. Arms sweating. Knees bending. Voice breaking. I'm not motivated, just fearful of the future...
Track Name: Home Sour Home
Tears ran down. Blood rains down. The walls they drip with the blood that's spilled, and the hallways echo with the arguments. I'd do anything to clean up this mess. I'd do anything to replace this emptiness. These ghosts that roam the halls of this home, tell tales of dead hope, black hearts and broken bones. I want you dead for what you've done.
Track Name: Sunday Roast
This abuse of power ends right here and right now. There was no crime, just a waste of time. Dispose of the boars in this city who expect us to bow. There was no crime, just a waste of time. True justice will be served with your head on a plate. Corruption. Vanity. Society's parasite. Swine in blue, You're through.
Track Name: Lost
Time after time, have I lost my mind? Day after day, the same mistakes I've always made. Nothing ever changes. Everyone's the same. I'd run to get away but I'm just another slave. Losing sleep because I dream of never waking up, for that alarm that shakes me up and drags me by the arm, to that place I despise, where people live but aren't alive. Suits and ties to fuel the fires of their materialistic lives. Time after time, have I lost my mind? Day after day, the same mistakes I've always made. Nothing ever changes. Everyone's the same. I'd run to get away but I'm just another slave. It's easy to act blind when your eyes are closed. Time after time, have I lost my mind?
Track Name: Blood
I can't believe that I could try to distance myself from the ties. But it seems no matter how hard I try I just can't shake what's in my eyes. I wish there was another way to say it, but I'm still the face in the mirror. I am my parents son, it's in my blood. Still trying to break a mold that it seems I am destined to follow. And I wish it wasn't so, but there's nothing else that I know. And I see so much of you in me. So much of what I don't want to be. And I hate that I'm so similar to someone I love so much.
Track Name: Possessed
Possessed by the thought of looking like a picture perfect stranger. So consumed with how you're viewed, you'd do anything to change it. Artificial. You don't care how, just as long as you look close to "perfection". Enhancements. Peel back the skin. Starvation. Procedures. Your own self-rejection. Close your eyes. Erase the lines. Beauty is sacrifice. But nothing lasts forever. You refuse to accept we all die in the end.
Track Name: Love Letter Bomb
There's nothing worse than the feeling I get from knowing you're with somebody else. So fuck how you feel. Till death do us part. I hope this letter to you does more than just crush your heart. So don't reply, and don't ask why. If you survive then so can I. Goodbye.
Track Name: Entwine
Our lives are twisted and entwine. I cross my heart and hope to die. The only one turns into five. Diamond rings replaced with knives. You are who you fuck, and I'm just another face. As soon as we're done I'll replace this empty space. Spreading this broken heart disease. When all I ever wanted was a quick retreat.
Track Name: Survive
Bricks resting on my chest. Coming home, there's nothing left. I see no dusk, I see no dawn. All I got was black midnight. Can you help me? I'm trying to survive.
Track Name: Smell Fear
Some stranger on the street can unravel my soul. Tell me all about myself, more than I seem to know. Just when I thought I knew right where I was lost, My head's so down this hole I can't even see my own nose. So now what can I do when all I smell is fear? Trying to pretend that these bones are my friends. Digging though this dirt just to find where it ends. Putting on a brave face to mask my defeat. But like shards of glass, it's obvious right through me you see. Unbreakable? I was always crushed. Out of luck… Can you let me out?
Track Name: Going Nowhere
If I never got old then I'd never want to die. Ten more years in this body and I could fucking cry. I've spent years in this maze, thinking only of the grass that will grow on my grave if I was just to pass. I never get anywhere. I can see this never working out for me.
Track Name: Caged
I can't bare to see you there. The stench of decay and dismay fills the air. Slowly wait to disintegrate. It kills me every time I have to leave you here. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Can't stand, can't move, Left to rot in this tomb. It seems selfish for everyone else to choose what you go through. Force fed. No Control. Confined. All alone. Can't stay, Don't go.
Track Name: Eaten Alive
Something that was once so natural and beautiful is slowly being destroyed by the inhabitants of the earth. Moving mountains and building towers. Clearing forests as progre$$ devours. Eaten alive by the rot of mankind.
Track Name: A.D.F.W.O.L.
Vile. Putrid. Waste of life. Bury this memory. Worse than a curse. Realise your lies. Forget this regret. You no longer mean a thing to me.